Do you take card payments?

Sure thing.

Can we bring our dog?

It’s a no to dogs I’m afraid. We love them, but the animals that live here really aren’t keen so it’s a strict policy.

Not even small, well-behaved dogs?

Sorry, it’s not practical to manage different rules for different people, so for the welfare of our animals we keep a simple no-dogs policy. Thanks for understanding.

What about guide dogs and assistance dogs?

Fully trained guide dogs are welcome in all areas of the grounds as long as they remain on their working harness at all times and stay calm and quiet by their owner’s side. 

We do ask owners to understand that our animals can’t tell a guide dog from any other and may still be frightened or flappy, which can in turn be frightening to small children. So please maintain a sensible distance from our animals and keep your dog on its working harness at all times.

Other official assistance dogs are welcome in the outer grounds and cafe, but please understand that we can’t allow them into any of the animal areas to save distress to our birds and animals who are not used to the presence of dogs.

Guide dogs in training

If you would like to bring a guide dog in training, please contact us in advance so that we can understand how the dog may react around birds and animals. We are keen to assist in the training of dogs, but need to consider our animals whose welfare comes first.

Are the grounds suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooters?

We have full accessibility information at www.claythorpewatermill.com/accessibility.

Can I use the café without paying admission?

We’re a small, independent visitor attraction that relies on ticket sales. Our lovely café is open exclusively to ticket holders and returning members only. Out of fairness to our paying visitors, we can’t make exceptions to this. Every admission includes a free annual membership pass, so you can pay once and return as often as you like without paying again for 12 months.

Is it a working watermill?

Claythorpe was last a working mill in the late 1970s. You can still see the unusual turbine and the millstones, just as they were left when the last miller died in 1977, however the mill itself is no longer operational.

I’m coming to one of your evening events. Do I need to pay admission as well?

The animal and waterside areas are closed off during our evening cinema, music, theatre and dining events. There is no extra admission on top of the ticket price for these events as there is no access to the animal areas.