Birds & animals

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Meet the birds and animals of Claythorpe Watermill

Claythorpe Watermill and Wildfowl Gardens is a gorgeous spot in the lovely Lincolnshire countryside. We’re home to scores of free-roaming birds and waterfowl. You’ll meet our owls and animals, with pheasants and peacocks, as well as our family of otters. At the start of 2015, we completed a major refurbishment of our pheasant, otter and wallaby enclosures, along with a newly landscaped courtyard.

You’ll find marmosets, wallabies and chipmunks, and you can buy fish food when the trout in the mill pond are hungry.

Many of our birds have lived at Claythorpe for years, and we ask all our visitors to respect their home. They’re all used to human company, but they do like an easy life, and are happiest with a little peace and quiet. So when you pass through the gate into the wildfowl garden, take your time, have a seat and enjoy the company of the birds – we hope you’ll find it as tranquil and relaxing as they do.